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Orion™ KRX-1

Orion Vacuum Pump krx-6 Catalog photo

*KRX-6 Catalog Photo

Orion Dry Vane KRX-1 Vacuum Pump

The Orion™ KRX Series vacuum pumps are the work force of the industry, in all types of equipment, such as Robotics, pick and place machines, vacuum chucking, graphic arts, printing, material handling, air sampling, suction lifting, packaging, vacuum sealing, blow molding, too many to list.

The Orion KRS and KRX series vacuum pumps are no longer in production. But, have no fear, Jallo carries complete units in stock, direct replacements, as well as many parts no longer produced. We also carry rebuild kits to completely overhaul your Orion™ KRX-1, KRX-3, KRX-5, KRX-6, KRX-7, KRS-1, KRS-3, KRS-5, KRS-6, KRS-7D, and KRS-7A at your facility, or feel free to call us or send your pump to us, and we will give you a free estimate on the repairs needed.

Vacuum Specifications

Model Motor RPM HP CFM Max. Hg" LBs Kgs
KRX1-SS-2001-G3 No Motor 5.5 25.0" 20 9
KRX1-SS-2001-G1 208-230/460V 1750 0.25 5.5 25.0" 33 15

Pressure Specifications

Model Motor RPM HP CFM Max. PSI LBs Kgs
KRX1-SS-2050-G3 No Motor 5.5 14 psig 20 9
KRX1-SS-2050-G1 208-230/460V 1750 0.25 5.5 14 psig 33 15

Performance Specifications

Orion Vacuum Pump KRX-1 performance image 1

External Dimensions

Orion Vacuum Pump krx-1 dimensions image 1 Orion Vacuum Pump krx-1 dimensions image 2
227 245 372 Ø119 80 135 42 177 50
I J K L M N o P Q
187 158 32 10 240 300 30 44 189.5
R S T U V X Y Z  
63 63 154 90 186 210 3.2 4-Ø9  

Note: Dimensions in mm

Orion Vacuum Pump krx-1 dimensions image 3

Part Breakdown

No part breakdown available, call or send a request for more information.

Rebuild Kit

The items listed below are included in our rebuild kit.

Description Product ID Quantity
Vanes 04009563010 4
Bearings JVP-3-00006 2
Bearing Spacers JVP-3-00007 2
Shims JVP-3-00010 10
Manifold Gasket JVP-1001-00013 1
Filters JVP-1001-00027 2
Rubber Gaskets for Filter Case and Muffler cover 03039263010 2
Washer Gaskets for Filter Knobnut JVP-1001-00033A 2
Spring Tube, new style, Filter-side JVP-1001-00029V 1