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Orion™ KRA-10DP

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Orion Dry Vane KRA-10DP Vacuum Pump

The Orion KRA DP series of vacuum pumps are used in the industrial arena where large amounts of flow is needed to run your industrial equipment. These pumps can produce independent vacuum and pressure levels from a single source. They are used where large amounts of vacuum and/or pressure are needed to run robotics, vacuum conveyors, laminators, printing presses, feeders, etc.

These pumps are capable of producing vacuum levels of up to 25 inches of mercury. The Orion KRADP Series of pumps can produce well over 150 CFM of vacuum and pressure.

Vacuum Specifications

Model Motor RPM HP CFM Max. Hg" LBs Kgs
KRA10-DP No Motor 87.0 25.0"    
KRA10-DP 208-230/460V 950 5.5/7.5 26.5 25.0" 240.0 529.0

Pressure Specifications

Model Motor RPM HP CFM Max. PSI LBs Kgs
KRA10-DP No Motor 87.0 7.1 psig    
KRA10-DP 208-230/460V 950 5.5/7.5 26.5 7.1 psig 240.0 529.0

Performance Specifications

Orion Vacuum Pump KRA-10DP performance image 1

External Dimensions

Orion Vacuum Pump kra10dp part breakdown image

Part Breakdown

No part breakdown available online. Call us or send a request form for more information.

Rebuild Kit

The items listed below are included in our rebuild kit.

# Description Product ID Quantity
a Vane JVP-10-00003 12
b Bearing JVP-10-00006 4
c Bearing Spacer JVP-10-00007 4
d Bearing Spacer Collar JVP-10-00008 4
e Shim JVP-10-00020 4
f Manifold Gasket JVP-10-00013 2
g Filter JVP-1002-00027 2
h Spring Tube JVP-8-00029 4
i Filter Gasket JVP-8-00030 4
j Knobnut Gasket JVP-1002-00033 4
k Copper Washer JVP-8-00076 16
l VBelt 35300310440 4