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Orion™ KH-750

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Orion Dry Vane KH-750 Vacuum Pump

The Orion KH series of vacuum pumps are specialized in industries where a clean dry vane technology is needed, as well as high vacuum levels. These pumps are capable of producing vacuum levels up to 29.99 inches of mercury, or 97.5 kPa. These pumps are used in the high tech industries, where clean dry running pumps are necessary, as well as the high level of vacuum produced, such as robotic pick and place machines and the such.

The Orion KH series of vacuum pumps range in size from the Orion KH200/KHA200 at 0.25HP to the Orion KH410/KHA400 and the Orion KH750/KHA750, with CFM levels from 5 to 10 CFM. The Orion KH410 and KH750 are no longer produced, but call Jallo for parts which are still available for these units.

Vacuum Specifications

Model Motor RPM HP CFM Max. Hg" LBs Kgs
KH750 No Motor 10.6 28.0"    
KH750 208-230/460V 1750 0.5 10.6 28.0" 85.0 38.5

Pressure Specifications

Model Motor RPM HP CFM Max. PSI LBs Kgs
KH750-301B-G1 No Motor 10.6 -    
KH750-301B-G1 208-230/460V 1750 0.5 10.6 - 85.0 38.5

Part Breakdown

Orion Vacuum Pump KHA-750 part breakdown image

No part breakdown is available for these pumps online.
If you're looking to buy parts or get information give us a call.

Rebuild Kit

The items listed below are included in our rebuild kit.

# Description Product ID Quantity
5 Ban Flex Belt 35303430020/JVP-750-00005 1
11 O-Ring 35154513040/JVP-400-00010 1
12 Filter Element 04A30159010/JVP-400-00011 1
18 Bearing 04038287010/JVP-750-00018 2
24 Vane(Blade) 04038284010/JVP-750-00024 1
25 Check Valve 04030426010/JVP-400-00028 1
33 Liners/Shim Kit JVP-6-00010 10