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Lawson 42 Inch Pacemaker II SEP Paper Cutter
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Pacemaker II SEP

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Description and Features

  • • 42" Cutting Width
    • New Shearcut Programmable Computer
    • Electronic Clutch and Brake
    • Two Hand Electronic Safety Cut Cycle Buttons
    • Safety Foot Treadle Interlocking Device
    • Fully Hydraulic Clamping with Cushioned Truly
    • Clamping
    • Air on Main Table
    • Right and Left Hand Extension Tables
    • Split Backguage
    • False Clamp Plate
    • Overload Cutting Device
    • 42 Strokes per minute cutting speed
    • Heavy duty multi-mesh "cone" gear driven knife action.
    (7 tooth and gear in constant mesh)

  • • Proven Dependability
    • 42" Cutting Width, 42" Rear Backguage Limit
    • Rugged Design
    • 5 Horse Power Main Drive Motor
    • Proven Work Horse of the Industry
    • 6-1/2" Clamp opening
    • Allen Bradley HD Relays on Cut Circuit
    • 4" Clamp Depth
    • No Circuit Boards for Cut Operation
    • 118" Wide with Side Tables, 100" Deep
    • One Piece Solid Cast Iron Base
    • Weight: Approximately 8500 lbs.

Upgrades and Accessories

  • • Upgraded cut circuit
    • Upgraded AB HD Relays
    • New Shearcut Programmable backgauge computer
    • Upgradable to Mon Foot Treadle Interlocking Device
    • New Main Drive & Backgauge Mtrs
    • New Hydraulic Pump, Hoses, and Belts
    • New Clutch and Brake Rings and Pads
    • Ask About our Warranty

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