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Lawson Backgauge

Lawson Knife Bar Assembly Parts Breakdown image

Shearcut Back Gauge Controller

Programmable back gauge controller.

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Solid state circuity.

Vacuum florescent display.

Microprocessor controlled.

Infinitely variable back gauge positioning.

Independant A.C. Drive: inverter.

Repeatability of back gauge.

Positions to +/- 0.002", regardless of lead screw wear.

Automatic back gauge return.

Operator defined standard/metric display.

Program entry or correction through keyboard with the back gauge stationary, or while cutting the first lift.

Insertion or deletion of commands from existing programs.

Stock eject, turnaround, and loading point.

Lawson Knife Bar Assembly Parts Breakdown image
Lawson Knife Bar Assembly Parts Breakdown image

Auxiliary controls (optional) for air and/or brake control.

Keyboard control of back gauge calibration.

Speed range: 20 to 960 IPM (inches per minute)

Forward and reverse depending on size and condition of cutter.

Electrical: 220VAC (volts of alternating current), 60Hz (hertz), 3 Phase

One year warranty on computer programmer.