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Accucut 165

 Behind the accucut 165 of today lies 25 years of dedicated design and innovation. Before you start thinking, "New cutter.." look into an Accucut 165 Retro-fit. Considering today's high costs and demand for efficiency, who else but the world leader in microprocessor controlled cutter technology, could offer an affordable alternative with the speed, accuracy, and reliability necessary to out produce the competition. The Accucut 165 can be installed on virtually any mechanically sound cutter.


Clean 110V or 220V AC line 50/60Hz

Transformer isolated (1.5KVA) Earth grounded.

Electric brake.

Mechanical sound machine.

Approved standard safety controls.

Accucut 165

Programmable back gauge controller.

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Standard features:

Replaces any backgauge control unit on any brand of cutter.

Customizable display color, easily readable display.

Operator friendly, easy to learn and operate.

Easy installation: Plug and play operation from older MCC's.

Label cut program shows sheet and label sizes graphically.

Programmable (soft) keys reduce the size of the operator keyboard.

Password protect on 1000 channels.

7625 cut mark memory.

1000 channels.

All sides of a complete job, stored on one channel.

Backgauge position is constantly shown.

Data display for all inputs.

Inches and decimals, inches and fractions, or centimeters and millimeters.

Channel scan for lowest empty channel.

Review program by mark, forward or backward and by cut side.

Automatic "repeat cut" program

Automatic margin offset on any cut side or part of a cut side on any channel.

Programming without backgauge movement.

Cut and store.

Transfer backgauge readout to data display.

Program interruption key.

Program pause or pushout, and jogging stops.

Insert and delete.

Channel copy and transfer.

Auto backgauge correction.

Fast forward, slow forward, reverse, and lock keys.

Control of table air (programmable)

Manual override of table air.

Advance key for automatic regular increments.

Knife cycle counter for costing.

Programmable cycle on/off

Clamp - paper air removal/knife minimum distance set by computer.

Instruction for automatic equipment.

Displays number of available cut marks.

Memory full warning.


Audible beeps.

Programmed to 0.001"

Status of all limit switches on display.

Solid state high speed motor control.

Auto limit switch setup from operator panel.

DC drive motor with optional brake.

Extra large RUN key.

Sealed panel with adjustable touch sensitive keys.

Add-on cut and clamp circuits (optional)

Table size programmable 10 to 150 inches.