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We at Jallo have been serving the Graphic arts and related Industries for over 16 years in our Broadview location. Jallo has well over 35 years experience in the Graphic Arts and related industries. We are a retailer for new and used, reconditioned and rebuilt printing equipment and offer many supplies to the Printing, Converting and Related Industries. We carry many items in stock for your Lawson Paper Cutters, as well as the Lawson, DHP, and RB-HFD Drilling machines. Please review the related webpage’s to get more acquainted with what Jallo can do for you.

Jallo also provides service and sales of new and rebuilt dry vane vacuum pumps, oil flooded Vacuum pumps, rotary claw vacuum pumps, and Regenerative Blowers. We carry many parts for these machines in our over 10,000 square foot location.

We are located in Broadview, Illinois, a close suburb to Chicago, Illinois. Most of our inventory is located here. We offer local pick-up and delivery for rebuilds and loaner pumps, Service for your Lawson Paper Cutter, Lawson Drilling Machines, Orion Vacuum pumps, Becker, Rietschle, Bush, Gast, JVP, and other styles of Vacuum Pumps.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to being of further assistance to you,

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What can Jallo do for you?


Vacuum Pumps

Jallo carries a wide selection of Dry Vacuum Pumps, Claw Vacuum Pumps, and replacement parts. Whether you're looking for Orion, Jallo, JVP, or other pumps, Jallo has the solution.

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  • Parts slide show image 2, block
  • Parts slide show image 3, hydraulic pump
  • Parts slide show image 4, filter.

Parts & Services

Looking to upgrade, update, or service your existing equipment? Jallo has a wide range of sale and services to fit your need. Take a look at some of our services:


Looking for new equipment? Check out Jallo's current Paper Cutter, Paper Drill, Stitchers, Bindery, and Misc. sales listings: